Student Organizations

Music Organizations

Exposes students and fellow members to a variety of musical chamber pieces; enriches students' musical repertoire and enhances instrumental ability through extensive chamber playing.

Provides an opportunity to perform a variety of high quality orchestral music in a variety of setting.

Promotes education and graduation of all of its members, provides an atmosphere of friendship and spiritual uplifting, counteracts the negative effects of any obstacle which could prevent the continued education or graduation of members, acts as a tool of student retention as well as recruit new students, and encourages inclusion in the University community.

Encourages group singing among selected mixed voices; participates in the enjoyment of singing; and provides the members and their audiences with a repertoire of chamber music and other music for small ensemble.

A mixed choir of approximately 50 members open to music majors and non-music majors alike. It provides for its members an opportunity to broaden their educational and musical interest through the presentation of various types of music.

Provide opportunity and entertainment to students who have a passion for music on campus. Provide entertainment to general student body.

Gives the men of B.U. the opportunity to sing in a group for their own enjoyment and the entertainment of others.

Presents programs of various types of popular music ( concerts and dances), both on and off campus.

To stimulate campus leadership and to promote a high average of attainment by the performance of good music and service projects.

Comprised of both concert and marching bands, provides opportunities for participation on a credit or non credit basis to all students having previous band experience. No auditions are necessary. In addition to concert performances, the bands participate in other university-affiliated events including football games and parades.

Encourages the enjoyment of singing; encourages group sing among the women of the university; provides participants with a repertoire of the good choral music for women; and provides entertainment.