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Social Fraternity

National social fraternity organized in 1992 whose purpose is to provide educational, moral, social, and leadership development for all of its members through ritual, landmarks and traditions of the fraternity.

National social sorority organized in 1978. The aims of the sorority are to establish a sisterhood that develops intellectually, spiritually and socially through the motto of "Aspire, Seek, Attain".

National social sorority organized in 1979. The aim of Alpha Sigma Tau is to make each sister a better person by encouraging high standards and ideals in all aspects of life--intellectual, moral, spiritual, and cultural.

Social Fraternity

Local social fraternity organized in 1966 based on the ideal that brotherhood is deeper than friendship.

Greek Social Sorority

Local social sorority organized in 1986. The sorority fosters the motto of Communication and Trust through Love, Friendship and Sisterhood.

A local social sorority organized in 1967. DEB follows the motto of friendship and love through sisterhood. The most important part of the sisterhood of DEB is knowing you are cared about as an individual. DEB, first and forever.

A national social sorority established in 1989. D Phi E women have the purpose of promoting good fellowship among sorority women; to help in acquiring knowledge, appreciation and discriminating judgments; and a feeling of sisterly love through friendship.

Social Fraternity

The governing body for social fraternities.

Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc. was founded on November 21, 1981 at Rutgers University as the FIRST Multicultural Greek Letter Society in the nation. The founders were five women determined to establish an organization that united women despite their race, religion or creed.

The governing body for social sororities.

Social Fraternity

Local social sorority organized in 1974. The sorority strives for lasting and meaningful friendship with each sister being herself, an individual. The name Phi Iota Chi was chosen for the ideals of Friendship, Individuality and Courage.

A National social sorority organized in 1988. Phi Sigma Sigma's mission is to create an environment that fosters the advancement of womanhood and growth and development of each member through commitment to leadership, academic excellence, philanthropic service, good health and citizenship.

Social Fraternity

A national social sorority organized in 1971. Tri-Sigma is an unending chain of sisterhood which provides each sister with the ideals that build stability and intelligence -- which build the woman.

Local social sorority organized in 1968. The name of Theta Tau Omega stands for Truth Through Open-Mindedness. Theta Tau friendship moves beyond the surface. Theta Tau real bond lies in a feeling that only one of her sisters can know.

Social Fraternity