Student Organizations

Culture And Diversity Organizations

Promote understanding among students from the several countries of Africa at Bloomsburg University and the surrounding community. Promote awareness of African culture in the Bloomsburg community. Foster good relations between African and other students at Bloomsburg University.

The Arabic Club is designed to create group meetings where any individual may attend to discuss specific topics involoving but not limited to the Arabic lanuage and region. The objective is to help the university community interact through an open dialogue about Arab issues and create an environment in which to practice the Arabic Lanuage. Such interaction will provide better understanding of oneself and one's community therefore encouraging growth of the individual.

Promotes within the university and surrounding community a social, cultural and educational awareness for ethnic studies and administrations.

The purpose and goals of this club is recognizing that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (lgbt) individuals have unique and special needs, the purposes of this organization shall be as follows: To serve as a support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals residing in and around the Bloomsburg area, with particular emphasis on lgbt students attending Bloomsburg University. To serve as an educational group by providing information on programs and discussions dealing with lgbt and other related issues, for the benefit of all interesting persons in and around the Bloomsburg area.

Promotes and shares Chinese culture with Bloomsburg University and the community and creates a better understanding of cultural diversity.

Improves the knowledge and awareness of European culture and issues amongst its associate members.

Seeks to broaden our aspects of the Italian language and culture.

An outreach organization that empowers women on campus through educational and social events. We bring awareness to multiple women's issues, enlighten the student body on these issues and provide entertainment to united the entire student body.

To promote understanding about the Arab speaking world among B.U. students by participating in model simulations of the League of Arab States.

Allows students a chance to maintain a sense of awareness of international issues. Also serves as an educational tool for local high schools and the community.

To promote diversity, gain an understanding of other cultures, and create closer bonds among students interested in Saudi culture.

Recognizes the needs of Latino students, and expands the awareness of the Latino culture.