Student Organizations

Club Sports And Recreation Organizations

To bring students together who share a passion for fishing while bringing awareness to Bloomsburg's productive fisheries.

The purpose of this club is to play organized ice hockey.

To teach those who have a common interest of rock climbing the different types of climbing, gear that's used, and general safety involved in rock climbing.

To promote teamwork, unity, responsibility, and overall, fun playing baseball in a competitive atmosphere.

Gives spirit, support, and pep to the athletes and spectators.

The porposes for a club fast-pitch softball team are to establish a competitive team for students wanting to play fast-pitch at a competitive level, to allow atheletes to compete agains other colleges with club softball, to allow students the ability to pursue the sport that they enjoy playing at a lesser level than the school team, to enhance students' social experiences, to allow students the opportunity to meet new people and cooperate together to achieve a common goal.

Seeks to create a social interaction among students who share a common interest in horseback riding and competition on the Eastern collegiate equestrian circuit.

Provide a safe learning environment for any student who wants to practice and compete in the sport of wrestling.

Has as its purpose to practice judo.

To organize the people that longboard and are interested in longboarding and emphasizing safety while teaching/learning how to longboard.

Stimulates the interest of the sport of lacrosse on campus and gives students with or without previous experience a chance to play lacrosse. BU Men's Lacrosse is a member of the National Collegiate Lacrosse League.

To provide an alternative extracurriculuar activity for male students interested in playing soccer, but not on a varsity level. Will engage in regular weekly or bi-weekly practices. Will also form one or more teams to compete in intramural soccer and matches against other local and college or university soccer clubs

Develops individual and team volleyball skills through regular play on a men's and a women's team of competitive quality. These teams will also compete inter-collegiately. We shall spread the popularity of volleyball in a sportsmanlike manner.

Stimulates interest in the sport of rugby at Bloomsburg University.

To promote interest for running on campus and in the surrounding communities, to encourage running for recreation and exercise to the student body and faculty/staff, to support health awareness and exercise to students, faculty, and the community, and to develop and promote beneficial training techniques for runners.

Promotes the sport of scuba diving at Bloomsburg University.

To provide BU students and others who share a common interest in skiing and snowboarding and it's unique culture with an opportunity to travel to new and interesting resorts.

To give students the opportunity to play table tennis competitively and in an organized fashion. Compete with neighboring universities' club teams.

To develop a community of trust and friendship by providing each member with an opportunity to enhance their enjoyment of tennis through recreational and competitive play as well as through off court social activities.

Provides an opportunity for competitive ultimate, encourages excellence in ultimate through sportsmanship and active participation that will benefit the competitor later in life and develops a championship ultimate team.

Stimulates interest in the sport of water polo at Bloomsburg University and promotes sportsmanship and good conduct while competing against other clubs and/or universities.

The purpose of this club lacrosse team is to give women a chance to participate in a school run organization at Bloomsburg University. Students who join the club will have the chance to play a new sport or continue to enhance their skills they acquired while playing on previous teams. They will also get the chance to make new friends. Students will have the chance to play against other school teams while participating in this competitive club team.

To provide an alternative extracurricular activity for women interested in playing soccer, but not on a varsity level.

Compete as a strong, well-trained team of volleyball players at an expeienced level of play. Strive to exhibit teamwork, perserverance, and dedication to each other and to the university.

Seeks to stimulate the interest in the sport of rugby at BU and promote sportsmanship and good conduct while competing.