Welcome to the Center for Leadership & Engagement at Bloomsburg University

The mission of the Center for Leadership & Engagement is to facilitate and provide intentional opportunities through supporting and providing resources for student growth, development, involvement and learning through leadership education, engagement and service.

By participating in the Leadership Development program, students will gain knowledge of core leadership skill sets, enhance their co-curricular experiences and build meaningful and sustainable relationships to positively impact a diverse campus community and beyond.

Our vision is to provide a dynamic center for the pursuit and integration of student leadership practices that fosters and sustains a culture of organizational effectiveness, community engagement and social justice.

Thanks for visiting our website, let us know if you have any questions and make sure to check out our brochure .

Husky Student Leadership Summit

The 10th Annual Husky Student Leadership Summit will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2016.
Visit the Summit page of our website for more information.

Upcoming Workshops

Date Time Location Workshop Level
Mon, Feb 15, 20163:00POSH G20SSS4: Interviewing Skills1
Mon, Feb 15, 20164:15POSH G20Self Assessment1
Mon, Feb 15, 20165:30POSH G20Stages of Group Development1
Tue, Feb 16, 20165:00PBCH 306SSS1 Comm & Conflict Mgmt1
Tue, Feb 16, 20167:00PMitrani Hall, HaasCultural Awareness: Judge Mathis2
Wed, Feb 17, 20163:15PMCHS 2303SSS3: Public Speaking1
Wed, Feb 17, 20164:00PCEH 201Community Engage Leader Track Part 22
Wed, Feb 17, 20165:30PQuest OfficeGroup Leadership Track Part 12
Thu, Feb 18, 20163:15PBCH 306Self-Structure1
Thu, Feb 18, 20165:00PCLE OfficeStudent Org Leader Track Part 12

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