Welcome to the Center for Leadership & Engagement at Bloomsburg University

The mission of the Center for Leadership & Engagement is to facilitate and provide intentional opportunities through supporting and providing resources for student growth, development, involvement and learning through leadership education, engagement and service.

By participating in the Leadership Development program, students will gain knowledge of core leadership skill sets, enhance their co-curricular experiences and build meaningful and sustainable relationships to positively impact a diverse campus community and beyond.

Our vision is to provide a dynamic center for the pursuit and integration of student leadership practices that fosters and sustains a culture of organizational effectiveness, community engagement and social justice.

CLE Student Learning Outcomes

As a part of the center,

  • Participants will be able to provide evidence of experience in civic engagement activities and describe what they have learned about themselves as it relates to a growing sense of civic identity
  • Participants will be able to articulate strengths and challenges as leaders to increase effectiveness in different contexts
  • Participants will be able to generate and pursue opportunities to expand leadership knowledge, skills and abilities

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  • Earn 1 GEP for Citizenship that you can apply towards your degree for graduation! All you need to do is complete Levels 1 and 2 of the Leadership Certification program (LCP). To register for the LCP and get started, click on the maroon "Leadership Certification Program" box on this CLE main page and complete the registration link. Questions about the LCP and/or the GEP for Citizenship can be directed to Mr. George Kinzel, Director, CLE, gkinzel@bloomu.edu
  • Attention Returning BU students – If you were involved with the Leadership Certification Program (LCP) in previous years and would like to continue to complete a certain level, you must re-register for the LCP this year. To do so, click on the maroon "Leadership Certification Program" box on this CLE main page and complete the registration link.

View our Fall 2018 LCP Workshop schedule

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View our 2018-19 CLE LCP Brochure

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Attention All Recognized Student Clubs and Organizations:

All recognized student clubs and organizations (including club sports) are required to "re-register" their organization portals on HuskySync by Friday, November 30, 2018. Completing the re-registration process is necessary for your organization to maintain active recognition status and helps ensure all information for your organization is accurate and up-to-date.

Only officers of an organization have the ability to re-register their portal. To do so, navigate to your organization’s portal within HuskySync, click the "Manage Organization" button in the upper right, then click the blue button that reads "Re-Register This Organization." As part of the re-registration process, you will need to fill in information in your portal including, but not limited to: organization mission statement, regular meeting times (or at least the date/time of your first meeting each semester), advisor information, and adding the President and Advisor to your organization’s roster.

Effective December 1, 2018, in addition to re-registering, in order to retain your status as a recognized student club or organization, all student orgs must do the following:

  1. Maintain an updated HuskySync organizational portal
  2. Maintain an active listing of executive board members and minimum of 5 non-executive board members in your HuskySync portal
  3. Maintain an active listing or your campus advisor (faculty/staff) for your organization in your HuskySync portal
  4. Post at least one "General Interest Open Meeting" or "Organization sponsored Event" in your HuskySync portal per semester
  5. Track student attendance at meetings, service projects and your organizational events by logging involvement hours into the posted "Events" in your HuskySync portal
  6. Open up a Husky Fund account in the Community Activities Office (4th Floor Kehr Union) for transactions of organizational funds
  7. All executive board officers MUST complete the LCP Level 2 Student Organizational Leadership training track program coordinated through the CLE. Exec board members who already completed this Student Org track training in the past two years will not need to re-take it. To begin, all officers should go to the CLE website: http://cle.bloomu.edu/ Click on the maroon button that says "Leadership Certification Program" and then click on the first drop down menu item that says "Registration and Level 1 Pre Assessment". This Level 2 Student Organizational Leadership Track training program will be offered several times in Spring 2019 to accommodate student schedules. All officers must individually RSVP through HuskySync for one of these options:
    • Option 1: Saturday, February 2nd 12:30pm – 4:30pm Kehr Union Multi 345A/B
    • Option 2: Saturday, February 23rd 9:30am – 3:15pm Kehr Union Ballroom (Leadership Summit Lunch and free professional headshot included!)
    • Option 3: Evening Dates/Times TBA in Spring 2019