Welcome to the Center for Leadership & Engagement at Bloomsburg University

The mission of the Center for Leadership & Engagement is to facilitate and provide intentional opportunities through supporting and providing resources for student growth, development, involvement and learning through leadership education, engagement and service.

By participating in the Leadership Development program, students will gain knowledge of core leadership skill sets, enhance their co-curricular experiences and build meaningful and sustainable relationships to positively impact a diverse campus community and beyond.

Our vision is to provide a dynamic center for the pursuit and integration of student leadership practices that fosters and sustains a culture of organizational effectiveness, community engagement and social justice.

CLE Student Learning Outcomes

As a part of the center,

  • Participants will be able to provide evidence of experience in civic engagement activities and describe what they have learned about themselves as it relates to a growing sense of civic identity
  • Participants will be able to articulate strengths and challenges as leaders to increase effectiveness in different contexts
  • Participants will be able to generate and pursue opportunities to expand leadership knowledge, skills and abilities

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  • Earn 1 GEP for Citizenship that you can apply towards your degree for graduation! All you need to do is complete Levels 1 and 2 of the Leadership Certification program (LCP). To register for the LCP and get started, click on the maroon "Leadership Certification Program" box on this CLE main page and complete the registration link. Questions about the LCP and/or the GEP for Citizenship can be directed to Mr. George Kinzel, Director, CLE, gkinzel@bloomu.edu
  • Attention Returning BU students – If you were involved with the Leadership Certification Program (LCP) in previous years and would like to continue to complete a certain level, you must re-register for the LCP this year. To do so, click on the maroon “Leadership Certification Program” box on this CLE main page and complete the registration link.

Upcoming LCP Workshops

Date Time Location Workshop Level
Mon, Feb 27, 20173:00PKUB Multi 345ASSS3: Public Speaking1
Mon, Feb 27, 20174:15PKUB Multi 345ASSS4: Interviewing Skills1
Tue, Feb 28, 20176:00PMCHS 3237SSS2: Critical Thinking 1
Tue, Feb 28, 20177:30PKUB Multi 345ABroadening Perspectives1
Wed, Mar 1, 20176:00PBCH 207SSS4: Interviewing Skills1

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In order to attend a workshop, you must RSVP for it in HuskySync.
Go to the Center for Leadership & Engagement's portal in HuskySync, click "Events",
find the workshop(s) you want to attend and RSVP to reserve your spot.

Upcoming Engagement Activities

Date Time Location Event
Sat, Mar 25, 20171:30PNFHEgg Hunt for Endometriosis
Tue, Apr 18, 201711:00AKUB BallroomGeisinger Blood Drive
Fri, Apr 21, 20176:00PKUBSpringfest 2017 Kickoff
Sat, Apr 22, 201710:00ANFH / QuestSpringfest 2017
Mon, May 1, 20179:00ARes HallsEnd of Year Donation Drive begins

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