Officers / Advisors : Manage Your Involvement

Every individual and organization has a handy To-Do list feature that helps students manage their own tasks and cooperatively tackle endeavors.

HuskySync To-Do lists allow you to set due dates, declare priority levels, and assign tasks to club members/officers. Additionally, any participant of a To-Do List can comment on individual tasks. This collaborative tool is great for planning events or tackling projects in an efficient and timely manner.

Organization To-Do Lists

Organizations can create To-Do lists and assign members to tasks. Members can also claim unassigned tasks on a voluntary basis. When tasks are completed, the person it was assigned to can check it off to let everyone know how the project is progressing.

These To-Do lists can be found in every portal by hovering over “More” and clicking on “"To-dos”. If you cannot see this feature, you may not have permissions to participate in To-Do lists for that organization.

Update your Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT)

To access and add events/membership:

  • Log on to HuskySync
  • Click on their profile picture
  • Scroll down and click on "Involvement"
  • Click on the green "Add Involvement Entry" button
  • Choose the type of involvement (event or membership)
  • Fill out the request form. (You will need to provide the name and email of your reference verifying your involvement in order to receive approval.)
  • Under Organization, click on the portal the you participated with, if there is no portal for your organization (ex. The YMCA, DASL, Tutoring Center...) - enter the organization in the "Agency" section)
  • Your reference will receive an email to approve or deny your hours, once approved (the contact person at the meeting/event) it will show up on your involvement log and CCT. If your reference does not have an email address, please have them sign a paper stating that you participated, and for how many hours. Bring this signed note to the CLE office.
  • To preview their CCT or request an official paper copy, you will need to click on the “reports” button under their Activities and Involvement page. The CCT is the Co-Curricular Record on HuskySync.

If you have already started your CCT, please visit the CLE office for more information!

Additional OrgSync training

Signing up for HuskySync and starting to use the tools is meant to be easy. You are able to easily manage your account and the personal tools available to users across the platform. Features include: Community Home, Organization Registration, & other starter items.

To Learn More about GETTING STARTED with HuskySync, visit the OrgSync Training Center.

Features Include: My Calendar, ePortfolio, My Involvement, Co-Curricular Record and Transcript, Service Opportunities, My Requests, My To-Dos, Inbox, and Account Settings.

To Learn More about the USER TOOLS feature, visit the OrgSync Training Center.

Segment people into groups based on their responsibilities and interests. By combining people into groups, you can customize their permission settings and effectively target communications. HuskySync allows you to create rosters and manage your stakeholders from a centralized location.

To Learn More about the PEOPLE feature, visit the OrgSync Training Center.

Manage your campus and organization events from a central location and track event hours and attendance for individual members. Plan events on HuskySync to increase student turnout, improve campus-wide awareness, and save money by printing fewer flyers. Features include: Events, Calendar, Timesheets, Card Swipe, and Involvement.

To Learn More about the EVENTS MANAGEMENT feature, visit the OrgSync Training Center.

Whether you are storing information for your group or disseminating it among your stakeholders, our information sharing tools make it easy to have all of your resources easily accessible. The information sharing tools allow you to store items in your portal and share them out to your social media and public websites.

To Learn More about the INFORMATION SHARING feature, visit the OrgSync Training Center.

HuskySync is a powerful tool for strengthening and simplifying communication across campus. Permission-based access gives you the option of broadcasting your message to the entire campus or targeting it to specific organizations depending on your level. HuskySync allows you to reach students, leaders, staff and administrators in a variety of ways—news posts, discussion forums, emails, SMS messages, and more. Features include: Contact Books, Discussions, Email Lists, News, Texting, Polls, and Messaging.

To Learn More about the COMMUNICATION feature, visit the OrgSync Training Center.

The Forms module is one of the most robust tools in the HuskySync platform and can be used for a variety of purposes. Our simple design makes it easy to create any type of form, providing you the functionality to review all submissions and generate meaningful reports.

To Learn More about the COMMUNICATION feature, visit the OrgSync Training Center.