Officers / Advisors : FAQ

HuskySync powered by OrgSync is the new management tool Bloomsburg University will be rolling out in Fall 2015. HuskySync is a web based system that will serve as an all-encompassing student club and organization management tool to help you, the student leader, with everything you need to manage your group and plan events. New organization requests, annual organization re-registering, fundraiser/service project requests will all be processed online via HuskySync. This new system also offers many amazing communication features, you can stay on task and ensure your club is on a path to success when it comes to planning events, group meetings, getting the word out about your club etc.
You will be prompted to answer a few questions the first time you login, but the rest of your profile you’ll need to do on your own. You can edit your profile anytime by clicking on your name at the top right corner of your screen. A dashboard will slide out from the right, within which you will click “My Profile.” Once there, click the “Edit Your Profile” button. Please provide your name, email address and phone number as we will use the contact information you provide to get in touch with you. Also, be sure to upload a great profile picture!
As an advisor, you will receive notifications sent via email regarding the activity of the student group you advise as well as when action is required on your part. Notifications will most often come when your approval is required for an event request. You can customize your Notification settings by logging in to HuskySync and accessing your profile by clicking on your picture and name at the top right of the page. From here, enter your Inbox and click “Manage Notification Settings.” If you turn off the email setting, please make sure you log into HuskySync often, so all of your club requests are approved in a timely manner.
From the Bloomsburg University home page (which you will see upon login, or can be reached at any time by clicking the Bloomsburg University logo at the top left of your screen), simply click “Browse Organizations.” From here, you can search by name, keyword, or category!
After logging into HuskySync, you can find the portal by hovering your mouse over “My Memberships” at the top right of the page and then clicking the name of the group you advise. If you don’t see a group that you advise under your memberships, browse the organization and request to join as an admin.
HuskySync has really awesome features when it comes to communication. It will be easier for you to communicate with the students you advise, with CGA, and with University Departments. You can use HuskySync to message group members, even text group members, take votes, and create to-do lists to assign tasks to the respective group member so you never miss a beat! Using the “More” tab on your group’s home page, you can select Discussions, Messaging, Polls, and To-Do List for communication. Discussions allows you to create an online forum around a certain topic, Messaging allows you to message members within HuskySync or text members, Polls allows you to take a vote, and To-Do List allows you to delegate tasks to group members.
From the home page of the student group’s portal, click on the “Events” tab. From here you can click the green button “Create an Event” to begin an Event Request that is done totally online. Please be aware that HuskySync approval does not mean that the room has been reserved, it simply means that you are requesting to add this event to the HuskySync community for calendar addition. You MUST reserve your space through EMS prior to your event being approved on HuskySync.
From the home page of your student group’s portal, click on the “Events” tab. From here you can see Upcoming Events, and next to the name of the event you will see its status. Statuses can include Pending Approval, Approved, Denied, or Deferred. Pending Approval means that the HuskySync admins are in the process of reviewing your request. Approved indicates that HuskySync admins have processed your request and you may move forward with event planning. Denied means that HuskySync admins cannot fulfill your request and you may not move forward with this event. Deferred means that HuskySync admins require more information and will be in touch with you to ask questions.

Advisors will be notified automatically by email and within HuskySync any time they need to approve something. To receive these emails, please enable this feature within your notification settings that can be managed through your inbox. Refer to "What are notifications?" above for specific instructions on how to do this.

Advisors will receive an email from HuskySync requesting their approval which will include a link to the event request in the form of a green button which reads “Review Now.” After clicking “Review Now,” you will be directed to the HuskySync Event Request requiring your approval. Read through the details of the event by clicking on “Event Details” and “Event Request Form.” To approve, click the green “approve” button on the right side of the page under “You’re a user-submitted reviewer.” You may deny by clicking the “Deny” button in the same place. Remember that your digital approval within HuskySync is equivalent to your signature. Due to the fact the so many process are now done on HuskySync, don’t forget to keep the lines of communication with your students open.
Only officers and advisors listed on the portal profile can reserve space on campus. To reserve space, please complete your reservations via EMS.
From the Bloomsburg University home page (which you will see upon login, or can be reached at any time by clicking the Bloomsburg University logo at the top left of your screen), simply click “Browse Organizations.” From here, you will see a green button at the upper right portion of the page that will read “Register an Organization.” Follow the registration process and the Committee on Student Organizations (COSO) will contact you with updates throughout the process.