HuskySync : About

HuskySync powered by OrgSync is the new management tool Bloomsburg University will be rolling out in Fall 2015. HuskySync is a web based system that will serve as an all-encompassing student club and organization management tool to help you, the student leader, with everything you need to manage your group and plan events. New organization requests, annual organization re-registering, fundraiser/service project requests will all be processed online via HuskySync. This new system also offers many amazing communication features, you can stay on task and ensure your club is on a path to success when it comes to planning events, group meetings, getting the word out about your club etc.
We know how frustrating it can be to do paperwork for your events, so we’ve simplified the process to make it easier and better for you! The feedback we received indicated that submitting paperwork was frustrating and outdated. We agree and with HuskySync you will submit all your rosters, club recognition petitions, and fundraiser/service project request forms online. Additionally, any extra forms needed to be successful and remain an active organization can all be found online in your portal. And no, we didn’t just put our current paper forms into a web form, everything really is new and improved!
Ever curious what’s up with your paperwork after you leave it in the hands of a staff member in the CLE office? Now you’ll know exactly where it is in the process. When you submit a request, it will be reviewed by one of our staff and either approved, denied or deferred. If they haven’t reviewed it yet, it will say pending. There is also a comments section where our staff or you can leave comments or questions regarding the status of your submissions.
How many times have you had to hunt down your president or advisor to get them to sign off on forms? Now, they will get notified automatically by email any time they need to approve something. And the best part is, they will sign off on it digitally! When submitting forms on HuskySync, there will be designated signees as Reviewers so they can log in to HuskySync and digitally approve your forms. Their digital approval within HuskySync is equivalent to their signature. This doesn’t mean you can totally neglect your advisor. Be sure to maintain a good relationship and establish communication plan.
HuskySync has really awesome features when it comes to communication. It will be easier for you to communicate between you and your group members, with CGA, and with University Departments. You can use HuskySync to message your group members, even text group members, and create to-do lists to assign tasks to the respective group member so you never miss a beat! You can leave comments on event pages to track your planning progress for group members to see. The bottom line is that all resources will be housed on your organization’s page for easy navigation. Access and manage your roster, create events, view upcoming events, create polls, store organization files and photos, post news, and keep your members involved with a To-Do list.
To reserve a space on campus, officers or advisors will still need to make reservations through EMS, however, by filling out the Event Request Form on HuskySync you can post your event on the HuskySync calendar. This allows you to post events to just your group, only invited members, the BU Community or the general public to help get the word out!