The Graduation Pledge

"I pledge to consider the social and environmental consequences of choices I make in my personal life and work, and to try to improve these aspects of life in my workplace and community."

Participants who endorse the pledge wear a green ribbon at the commencement ceremony. Students define for themselves what it means to be socially and environmentally responsible. This is a pledge that can appeal to students of multiple political perspectives, and that can help students think about how to engage their values at work and in their communities, in ways that they choose.

Graduates who voluntarily signed the pledge at other universities have turned down jobs with which they did not feel morally comfortable, and have worked to make changes once on the job. Students use similar versions of the Pledge at over a hundred colleges and universities in the U.S. and other nations. More information on the Pledge is available at:

Starting with graduation May 2006 SOLVE, the American Democracy Project, and Professor Jim Dalton have proposed the Bloomsburg University Pledge to graduating students.