Student Employment

CLE has two types of off-campus employment services. If you are looking for on-campus employment, please contact Financial Aid. Below you can find available opportunities.

  • Part-Time Jobs (not work-study)
    • CLE posts local part-time jobs for businesses and individuals. Any BU student can apply for these positions. Students should contact the employer if interested in the position.
  • Off-Campus Work Study
    • CLE administers the Federal Off-Campus Work Study Program. This is a wonderful opportunity for Bloomsburg University students to get local part-time jobs with non-profit agencies, schools districts or government offices. Students must have a federal work study award and be a PA resident to be eligible for an off-campus position. Employers must apply and be approved by the Center for Leadership & Engagement to hire off-campus work study students. For more information contact CLE at 570-389-4354.

Student Employee Appreciation

  • Student Employee of the Year
    • The Bloomsburg University Student Employee of the Year receives a $500 scholarship that goes towards their Spring semester school bill. Supervisors nominate their special work study students during the Fall semester by filling out a three page nomination form. A panel selects the winner. Supervisors, all nominees and readers are invited to our luncheon during Student Employment Appreciation Week in Spring semester.
  • Student Employment Appreciation Week
    • National Student Employment Appreciation Week is celebrated during the Spring semester in April. Each office participates in their own way, often with food! The Student Employment Committee plans campus wide events too. This committee consists of Off Campus Student Employment Coordinator Chris Gay, Student Payroll Coordinator Nikki Black and On-Campus Student Employment Coordinator Pat Stockalis.